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"Unhallowed Ground"
Album 2016

Rogue Apostle  

Serpent Father bless me,
Your cobra breath instills,

Lift my sad existence,

Give me strength to kill.  

Rogue Apostle, Free to roam at will, Rogue Apostle, Hell born again to kill.  

Crucibles of wonder,
Burn before my eyes,
I bathe in all your splendour,
Shine O Lord of Flies.

Prostrate all contrition,
The Penitent shall rise,
I kiss the Rogue Apostle,
Rebirth is energized.

 I am now immortal,
Free of earthly chains,
Cower down before me,
Feel perdition's flames.


Kiss the World (1916)

The black mouth howitzer,
Is silenced at last,
We're free from the torment,
And demonic blast.  
All is so still,
As the sun burns the sky,

Hell for a moment,
Is free from our eyes.  
Expressionless faces,
Climb over the top,
Hell reawakens,
I see bodies drop.

Comrades I knew,
Are just blown into hell,
Gutshot and wounded,
Baptised by shell.  

Wave after wave,
Are cut down in their prime,
Young hearts of courage,
Have run out of time.

All is so still,
As the sun burns the sky,
Hell for a moment,
Is free from our eyes.



Hanging like your favourite child,
From a cross of pain,
Falling through forgiving hands,
mortal son of Cain.
Every wound a nightmare,
Every thorn a curse,
Every lie redemption,
Chapter, book and verse.

Looking through the eyes of death,
On a bed of sin,
Blessed nails through sacred flesh,
Tearing deep within.
Every tomb repressing,
Every womb a trial,
Every hope diminished,
Every scar a child.

Grinning like a razor blade,
The Jester plays a tune,
A requiem for laughter lost,
In this little room.
Every note remembered,
Every chord a scream,
Every verse selected,
Kills another dream.



I am life, I am death,
I am light's eternal breath.
I'm the first, I'm the last,
I'm the ghost of futures past.  

You Sacrifice.  

I'm the way, I'm the truth,
Resurrection without proof.
I'm belief, I am faith,
Crucifixion's holy wraith.

I'm the sword, I'm the shield,
Revelation's Seventh Seal.

I'm the fire, I'm the ice,
All creation's Antichrist.



Can you hear the cockroach,
Calling through the wall?
Can you feel the tension,
Crawling down the hall?
Every sterile colour,
Pins you to the ground,
The image through the window, Condemns without a sound.  

They laugh inside, Cry inside,
They live inside, Die inside.
Sanatoria, Sanatoria, Sanatoria.

Cold electric humming,
Of artificial light,
Grieving like an insect,
Every day and night.
The captive congregation,
Melt into the night,
Swallowed by a SYSTEM,
That steals away the light.  

Can you feel the anguish?
Can you smell the fear?
Do you sense the discord?
Of everything that's here?
Every twisted outrage,
Mirrored in your soul,
All temptation gathered,
Before your final fall.


Zealot's Path

One voice a thousand lies,
One book to idolize,
One heart that never beats,
One God that never bleeds.

Three nails hammered in,
One cross to purge our sin.
Who is this Lamb of God?
The path to truth where Zealots trod.

Deliver us if you can,
From the greed and lust of man.
the light you guide us by,
And we’ll believe before we die.



Insane, fucked up, rotten to the core, Locked up, strapped down, sedated on the floor.  

I'm a well-honed predator, born to maim and kill,
Showing no emotion, bereft of any guilt.

I will flay your body, wear your skin with pride,
Butcher you relentless, rip your carcass wide.


Apostle of Pain

Mantle OF thorn, tearing through flesh, Crushing the soul, poison on breath. Reality torn, nightmares unfurled, Violent unrest, destroying his world.

Apostle of Pain,
Disciple of the Nazarene.  

Flower of thought, perfume indeed, Caught in the throat, spitting disease. Judged on the cross, broken in blood, All that He's lost, torrent and flood.


Killing Fields

Watch your children die,
Fading to the grave,
Harvesting the Killing Fields,
Of grief and little faith.

Your cup runneth over,
Anger fills the void,
Taking out the patriot,
The weak and paranoid.

Culture of a Nation,
Kill it from within,
Civilians are collateral,
Revenge will always win.

Scorn the sacrificed,
Embrace the never born,
Suicide salvation,
Reap the bitter storm.


Unhallowed Ground  

I fell to earth,
With broken wings,
Prepared the way,
For the King of Kings.
I blessed the whore,
Of Babylon,
And cursed the songs,
Of Solomon.  

I tempted Christ,
With taste of flesh,
Forty days,
In the wilderness.
I took the key, Broke the seal,
Released the damned,
So I could feel.

I am the HATE.
The sound of war,
Bringer of pain,
On the killing floor.
I am the voice,
Inside your head,
Unhallowed Ground,
All fear to tread.


"Insanity e.p." 2014


Insanity is killing me
Dissolving my integrity
The tangled web
Of all your lies
Tantalise, Demoralise.


I'd kill for you
Die for you
Set the world aflame
Rid the soul
Of Paradise
Expose the mortal Vein.


Ashes of Divinity

Reflections of a darker light
Resonate and cry
Memories of a distant shore
Fade away and die

Echoes of eternity
Spiral through the void
Remnants of humanity
Possess the paranoid

Prophets with their twisted lies
Swear it to the grave
Carnal worlds of paradise
Enlighten and deprave

Ashes of Divinity
Halos for the damned
Broken Angels turn to stone
Curse the barren land

Ashes of Divinity


The Dogs of War

The fires of vengeance eating away
Fuelling the tension the lying betrays
Banners of glory choking the sun
Blood tells the story of how it begun.

Dogs of War - Dogs of

Evolve to conquer brutal and cold
Savage and slaughter total control
A gift of redemption only through death
Sacred accession draws every last breath.

Insidious wretches callous and cold
Armies of hatred damnation foretold
Banners of glory choking the sun
Blood tells the story of how it begun.



Cancerous, Infectious
Disfigured and malign
Unrepentant terrorist
Self-righteous by design

Leprous, Salacious
Malicious to the bone
Psychopathic murder
Antichrist in stone


Insidious, Insurgent
Volatile and raw
Insurrectious anarchist
Of pestilence and war

Gloria, Invictus
All heaven crashing down
Requiem aeternum
You're Christ without a crown



"Immortal e.p." 2013

Dark Winged Immortal

Heavens shall burn
Dark minions will rise
Fire and thunder
Shall rain from the skies
Eden will crack
The sacred will fall
Deep in the shadow
The righteous will crawl

Dark Winged Immortal
Hallelujah - Hallelujah
Viper Tongued Disciple
Hallelujah - Hallelujah

Honour the damned
The black dogs of war
Famine and death
Through darkness will grow
Angel of Death
Black wings of the storm
Carry the souls
Of the tortured and broke

Repeat Chorus


Am I Evil ?

See them run there's nowhere to hide
See them pray, see them cry
Don't struggle in vain, your life I claim
I Am Evil! I will watch you die

Am I Evil ? Or going insane
Am I Evil ? Mentally Deranged
Am I Evil ? Or going insane
Am I Evil ? Am I Evil ?

Do as I do, don't question why
I will send your soul to the sky
Fearing no one, not afraid to die
I Am Evil, never hear me cry

Repeat Chorus

See them run there's nowhere to hide
See them pray, see them cry
Don't struggle in vain, your life I claim
I Am Evil! I will watch you die


Parasites In Paradise

Sold my soul to fight for lies
Fed my greed while children died
I must have took a 1000 lives
Sent their souls to Paradise

Don't sell my soul to Paradise
I'd sell my soul I'm a Parasite
Don't open your arms to guns and knives
I'm sending you all to Paradise

I've witnessed Death and atrophy
You bought my gun not my sympathy
I have no soul or morality
Just the lust for brutality

Repeat Chorus

I have the will to kill for cash
The next assault with by my last
I need no praise from anyone
Just the words thy will be done

Repeat Chorus

I pledge my gun to the highest bid
Keep my faith and my feelings hid
I don't care if it's right or wrong
The Resistance will soon be gone

Repeat Chorus


Sins Of Father

Half poisoned truths
Full blooded lies
Cold broken promises
Thorn in my side.

Sins of father
Kill sons of father

Dark twisted faiths
Blessed holy things
Every sacred order
Paying for their sins

Repeat Chorus

One Judas kiss
Ripping through the heart
No new horizons
Hope just blown apart

Repeat Chorus

Neo chemical death
Creeping all around
The greed of tomorrow
Puts us in the ground.

Repeat Chorus